REACH Training Module 3a – Practical & ready to use (e)SDS Assessment solution on site

Why this Workshop?

The ‘new’ EU Chemicals Legislation of REACH (1907/2006) and CLP Regulation (1272/2008) result in significant changes in the supply chain communication with a revised (extended) Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) & Label as main information carriers up and down your supply chain.

REACH Compliance information from Registration dossiers must be forwarded in the supply chain using the eSDS as main carrier. An use compliance check needs to be organized on site to check the use condition towards the relevant exposure scenarios (ES) within new, legally defined time frames (6 / 12 months). Where appropriate the relevant ES need to be brought further in the supply chain via your own product eSDS’s. Non Compliance means that you might lose the right to use the chemical product for your own and/or your customer’s needs!

This workshop will provide you with an unique, complete practical field tested solution for an upgraded SDS Assessment process on your site(s), to collect, to assess and to document compliance to your supplier & own product (e)SDS’s. It includes a practical implementation of the new use compliance check on site towards the relevant exposure scenarios that proofed to work in practice!

The SDS Assessment formats & tools provided have been developed based on the legal requirements and further optimized by testing them in practice on the various sites of LyondellBasell. This one day workshop has already supported many more companies in providing a sound base and clear direction how to implement the new eSDS Assessment requirements on site. It is now successfully used by companies like DSM Resins and Functional Materials, Eastman Chemical Middelburg, Quaker Chemical, Sachem Europe and several more. This new Workshop holds the lessons learnt and is now available for you to get the tools & plan to upgrade your sites.

For whom?

Management & Staff responsible for (e)SDS Management & implementation of REACH Compliance.


Structured workshop introducing ready to use and complete SDS assessment process & formats in combination with a logical implementation plan to (re)structure your own SDS Management process on site to be ready to deal with the new eSDS requirements efficiently and effectively.

It  combines perfectly with our Module 3b “ES Compliance Check” where more detailed exercises are included how to conduct actually the use compliance check and providing templates for “scaling” when your own use conditions deviate from the ones provided on the relevant exposure scenarios. Finally, as initiative from participants, on a regular base we organize Module 3c as one day follow-up sessions to exchange SDS Assessment Implementation issues and solutions, learning from each other.

Take away

  • SDS Assessment Main Process flow chart to be mapped on responsible resources on site
  • More detailed checklist & flowchart to support SDS assessment process & use compliance check
  • SDS Assessment Form to document the results of your SDS Assessment process 
  • Implementation plan how to map the SDS Assessment formats on your site procedures & tools  

Workshop trainers

Download the Full leaflet (nov 2012).

This workshop is part of the REACH Compliance Training Program of Jongerius Consult and Caesar Consult. This training program aims to provide you with a practical REACH Compliance Implementation strategy & support.

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