What are we good at?

  • assessment of health risks posed by hazardous (chemical) substances at work and at home
  • improvement of production processes (emission and exposure reduction)
  • exposure and risk assessment of chemical substances (measurements, model estimations, analyses of measurement results)
  • assessment of efficacy of control measures (interventions)
  • derivation of occupational exposure limits or reference values at company level
  • optimalisation of (biological) monitoring programmes (monitoring of exposure or effect)
  • assessment of health claims related to (occupational) exposures, such as cancer (asbestos, PAH) or chronic toxic encephalopathy (CTE, exposure to solvents)
  • exposure and risk assessment for EU-REACH

This is what we do for companies, hospitals, governmental bodies, associations, insurances and law firms. Both national and international  (see our consultancy).

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