Diesel engine exhaust carcinogenic?

7 Mar 2013

Read the press release here. In the Netherlands, exposure to diesel engine exhaust (DEE)  is being monitored by the Labour Inspectorate for a while. DEE is labeled as carcinogen since several years.

As a company, what can you do to avoid exposure to DEE and minimize the health related risks for employees?

Read the following case from our practice, as an example:

Case – workers on a platform of a waste incineration plant.

Domestic waste is dumped and burned in a waste incineration plant on a daily basis. The supply consists of approximately 500 to 700 garbage trucks a day. Dumping of the waste takes place at the dump platform, a large hall with one open side where the garbage trucks can enter and leave. On this platform, several inspectors periodically check the waste and keep the platform free from waste, using a shovel and excavator powered by diesel engines.

Download this report to find out how we approached this case, or ask us a question.

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