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Prolonged high exposure to hazardous substances might lead to occupational disease. Therefore it is important to prevent for, or minimize exposure.

Many common occupational diseases are related to exposure to carcinogens, such as benzene (leukemia) and asbestos (asbestosis, mesothelioma) or solvents (Organic Brain Syndrom). In addition, other occupational diseases, including occupational cancer, might occur due to other dangerous substances.

Caesar Consult is able to assist in the prevention of occupational disease, or in the (retrospective) evaluation of exposure to hazardous substances in the occupational environment which might have lead to disease or ill health. For example in the context of claims on liability for cases of occupational disease or sick leave. Please feel free to contact us.


Retrospective exposure assessment

3 Apr 2013

In a retrospective exposure assessment, the exposure occured during previous employment as well as possible exposure related to hobbies and environmental exposure are accounted.

Examples are: a diesel pump mechanic, an ex-painter, employees of of a waste incineration, a former car factory employee.

For whom? We conduct these assessments for victims, insurance companies, personal injury firms, lawyers, courts, and employee representatives (unions).

Expert in case of occupational disease and occupational hygiene

3 Apr 2013

(Retrospective) assessment of occupational hygiene and toxicology related aspects in legal cases towards claims in cases of occupational disease due to possible exposure to hazardous substances.

Clients: various large law firms, unions and insurers.

Asbestos standards reduced firmly

14 Feb 2013

While the use of asbestos was banned in 1993, exposure (both environmental and occupational) to it still occurs due to renovation of buildings, repairing of ships, soil decontamination, and the presence of asbestos in the environment.
The most common health effects of exposure to asbestos are pleural and peritoneal cancer (mesothelioma) and lung cancer. Recently, the Dutch Health Council (GR) reassessed the studies aimed at the relation between asbestos exposure and cancer (see www.gr.nl).
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