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Exposure to asbestos (present or in the past) can cause asbestosis (also called ‘black lung’) or mesothelioma (lung or peritoneal cancer).

Exposure to asbestos can be occupation-related, but could also occur at home. Besides, we are exposed to a background level of asbestos fibers through inhaled air. Identification of occupational exposure to asbestos in the past therefore can be complex.

Caesar Consult regularly assess occupational hygiene and toxicological aspects of dossiers of asbestos claims in case of occupational disease.

Our clients usually are claimants, several lawfirms, courts, insurers and trade unions.

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Asbestos standards reduced firmly

14 Feb 2013

While the use of asbestos was banned in 1993, exposure (both environmental and occupational) to it still occurs due to renovation of buildings, repairing of ships, soil decontamination, and the presence of asbestos in the environment.
The most common health effects of exposure to asbestos are pleural and peritoneal cancer (mesothelioma) and lung cancer. Recently, the Dutch Health Council (GR) reassessed the studies aimed at the relation between asbestos exposure and cancer (see
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